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26.01.2013 Too many mistakes

The fourth duel of the season between the Eisbären Berlin and the Kölner Haie wasn´t a high scoring game. The home team had many problems to build up its play. Cologne won the game by 3-1. “We made too many mistakes today” Berlin´s defenseman Jens Baxmann voiced his frustration about the loss. “We had some difficulties to build-up our play. Cologne played well and concentrated. We have to defeat Hamburg on Sunday”.

The Kölner Haie started the game very focused. The guest team opened the scoring after 180 seconds. Andreas Holmqvist put Nathan Robinson in action with a well aimed long pass. The former Eisbären player Robinson converted his break away chance by outplaying goalie Rob Zepp with a stick handling move to the right. The goalie couldn´t interfere with his backhand lifter. “We saw two good teams tonight – with good skating style and similar game plan” Cologne´s scorer said.” We wanted to move up in the tablet. The guys came out and made an outstanding job. Obviously we want to finish in first place and go very far in the playoffs.”

Both teams had many chances to score some goals. Unfortunately the rest of the first period as well as the entire second remained goalless.  Berlin´s Constantin Braun and Barry Tallackson only hit the post. Cologne dominated the game during the second period outshooting Berlin with 21 shots on goal to 8. Fortunately for Berlin the guest´s strikers’ couldn´t convert their effort into some success.

The home team needed some time to find an answer to the scoring. Berlin´s strikers finally equalized the game at 09:33 of the third period. Darin Olver found Jens Baxmann at the left crease. Berlin´s defender smashed the puck into the far angle. But the celebration didn´t last very long. Jimmy Sharrow visited the penalty box for tripping 33 seconds later. Cologne´s strikers used their one man advantage situation. Daniel Tjernqvist hustled through the neutral zone and carried the slice over the blue line. Rok Ticar deflected the well aimed cross pass at the low slot area besides Berlin´s goalie Rob Zepp (10:28). The home team tried everything to equalize the game again. Later on Felix Schütz left the ice for his loss of discipline. Berlin´s coach Don Jackson played his last card and substituted goalie Rob Zepp with a sixth striker. But in vain! Cologne´s Mirko Lüdemann finalized the scoring at 3-1 with an empty net goal. “It was a tough game” Berlin´s new striker Corey Locke reflected. “Cologne is a very good hockey team. We played a very bit too sloppy and weren´t sharp enough to get the win tonight”.

Ken Frege

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