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27.02.2012 They turned the game – a tremendous win

“I haven´t gone all the way yet – for me to be back to 100 %, there is still a bit missing” Eisbär André Rankel reflected on his own performance in the top game against the Adler Mannheim. “But I want to help my team. That´s way I am working so hard on myself and I do see some progress”. Rankel was the main actor in the last 5 minutes of Berlin´s 4 to 2 win over Mannheim.

After a goalless but intensive first period, in which the goalkeepers on either side stopped all attempts both teams finally scored some goals during the second. The period ended equalized with 2 goals each. The first goal was a surprise for the fans even though it was quite convincing. Berlin´s Barry Tallackson and Mannheim´s Shawn Belle stepped into the cooling box at 02:54. And only a little later Mannheim´s Michael Glumac followed. The Eisbären had a 4 on 3 power play situation and were on the attack. But it was Mannheim who opened the score board at 04:30. On the attack Richie Regehr´s shot was blocked by Nikolai Goc – Denis Reul picked it up having Florian Busch skating right behind him. Unfortunately Busch wasn´t fast enough to disturb him and goalie Rob Zepp had no chance to interfere with his wrister at 04:30. But 56 seconds later the score was leveled out again. Florian Busch corrected his mistake. Still on the same power play he stood directly in front of the goal crease and used Richie Regehr´s hard pass to push the puck over the goal line (05:26).

Then at 14:06 the Adler scored their second goal and again the Eisbären had to find an answer. Michael Glumac lifted the perfect rebound off Zepp’s pads – Ken Magowan had taken a shot over Berlin´s goaltender. Berlin reacted quickly – the forwards outplayed Mannheims defense passing quickly and Richie Regehr took his chance to shoot into the almost empty net at 15:54. Goalie Fredrick Brathwaite stood outside of his goal not able to get possession of the slice. With the score board showing a 2 to 2 the teams relaxed during the second intermission.

During the third period Berlin as also Mannheim tried hard to get on the score board – an intensive game developed.  “I think that the referees did a very good job tonight” Rankel commented on the referee´s performance. “If the scoring is still equalized with 5 minutes left during such an emotional game, it is difficult to see everything”. He reflected on the situation, in which he fell onto the ice bleeding from the mouth. Berlin punished Mannheim for their hard physical game. Darin Olver´s stick pad deflected Florian Busch´s pass besides Brathwaite into the net (17:40). Finally the Eisbären were in front. Only a few seconds later it was Rankel – not bleeding anymore -, who finalized the scoring. He received Sven Felski´s pass in the neutral all alone. Having all the time he needed he choose the right corner to finalize the 4 to 2 scoring (18:17). “It is frustrating to loose in such a way” Nikolai Goc voiced his disappointment. “Unfortunately I took the last penalty. I have to play more intelligently in such a situation. The next 6 games we have to play as intensively as we played today during the first 50 minutes to secure the home advantage for us. We need to collect as many points as possible. This has to be our main goal right now”.

The Eisbären are playing against the Köln Haie on Tuesday before they will face Düsseldorf in Friday’s home game.

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