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12.01.2013 Finaly a positive result

The Eisbären Berlin remain invincible at home invincible. After four consecutive losses on the road they won against the Augsburger Panther by 3-2 on Friday night.

Berlin pushed forward and wanted to score the opener at the beginning of the first period. But they couldn´t convert their chances into any success. The period remained goalless.  Augsburg scored the first goal instead. After 58 seconds of the second period Sergio Somma stood at the right position in the slot area. He pushed the rebound of Ryan Thang´s shot over the goal line. Berlin needed a while to find an answer. Florian Busch punished Kyle Helms for his tripping penalty by tipping the puck through the traffic in front of Panther goalie Patrick Ehelechner (14:13). Later on Mads Christensen turned the scoring in favor of the Eisbären. He deflected André Rankel´s hard pass into the net at 18:01. “We played much better during the second period” Eisbär Barry Tallackson stated after the game. “We played simple hockey. That´s the main reason we won tonight”.

The Panthers tried to fight back. They pressured hard onto Rob Zepp´s goal searching the equalizer. But it came even worse. Jamie Arniel made it a two goal game with a hard slap shot from the blue line at 05:53 of the third period. Augsburg got desperate .The strikers shot from every angle. 134 seconds till the end of the game Sergio Somma rewarded his teammates for their effort. He made it a one goal difference by outplaying goalie Rob Zepp tremendously (17:46). Augbsurg´s coach Larry Mitchell substituted his goalie with a sixth striker. But it didn`t improve the final scoring.

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