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29.12.2012 Berlin won the last home game 2012

The Eisbären Berlin won the last home game of 2012 against the ERC Ingolstadt by 3-1. The teams needed a very long time to open the scoring. Ingolstadt succeeded in the 37 th minute. Berlin equalized the game at 1 after 44 minutes playing time. “It was a tough match” Eisbär Mads Christensen analyzed the game. “We saw two teams ready to play – it was a little bit like playoff hockey. For us it is nice to win a game in which it is tough to score. We showed a lot of character tonight”.

After a goalless first period – in which Berlin´s Danny Brière had a tremendous good scoring chance from the slot area on the other side Ingolstadt´s Jean-Francois Boucher could have opened the scoring as well – the game became sloppy during the second. The referees called many penalties and impeded a good flow.

During a 4-on-4-situation Ingolstadt´s Derek Hahn surprisingly opened the scoring at 16:23. At this point Berlin´s T.J. Mulock sat in the penalty box for a high stick. Ingolstadt´s Jeffrey Likens sat in the box for a holding penalty. Panther Thomas Greilinger skated through Berlin´s defense and passed to Derek Hahn standing in front of Eisbär goalie Rob Zepp. He outplayed the goalie with a stick handling move to the left and pushed the puck with his backhand over the goal line. The guest fans celebrated the opener very loudly. A few seconds later Berlin had a 5-on-3 power play situation. Unfortunately they left the good situation unused. “The result is not the one we wanted obviously” Ingolstadt´s scorer Derek Hahn voiced his frustration. “I think we played well the first two periods. But they punished a couple of our mistakes. We were hoping to come out with the win – but it didn´t happen – it is disappointing”.

At the beginning of the third period the home team pressured hard to get the equalizing goal. Mads Christensen´s attempt didn´t cross the goal line completely – the puck slid along it (03:00). 81 seconds later Danny Brière made it better. André Rankel hustled to get the pucks possession behind the guest´s goal. He put Danny Brière in action with a blind pass to the low slot area. The ´Canuck` put his name on the scoring sheet with a quick shot besides goalie Ian Gordon at 04:21. “I saw Danny coming with me and heard him shouting my name” Berlin´s captain André Rankel commented his assist. “Both teams were equal. We won 4 games in a row now – we are doing the right decisions obviously”. Later on Darin Olver turned the game by taking the rebound of Jimmy Sharrow´s hard shot. Ingolstadt´s defenseman Timothy Conboy blocked the shooting attempt at the low slot area. Olver stood at the right position to knock the puck into the guest´s cage at 15:09. The Bavarians tried everything to fight back. Coach Rich Chernomaz substituted goalie Ian Gordon with a sixth striker – but nothing seemed to work. Berlin´s André rankle finalized the 3-1 scoring with an empty netter at 19:51 of the third period.

Ken Frege

  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1
  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1
  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1
  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1
  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1
  • Eisbären Berlin - ERC Ingolstadt 3:1

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