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28.01.2012 Berlin couldn’t score

It rarely happens but sometimes it does – our team couldn’t score. The Iserlohn Roosters won against the league leader the Eisbären Berlin on Friday night. With this 4 goals to nothing deficit in their minds Berlin will travel to Straubing on Saturday. “We won a very important game” twice successful goal scorer Christian Hommel yelled out his excitement. “Berlin´s young players are integrated into the team – they are hungry and very dangerous. As soon as I scored our first goal, we had the momentum on our side and the 4.600 spectators pushing us forward. It was a signal to the team to continue like that on Sunday”.

Hommel opened the scoring after 46 seconds of the second period. Dave Spina sprinted into the offensive zone. Standing all alone at the far left post Hommel took the cross to score his first goal of the night (00:46). After a goalless first period, in which the game went up and down the ice rink very quickly, the opener signaled a kind of a wakeup call to the fans. 5 minutes later the Eissporthalle Iserlohn exploded again with the sound of celebration. During the game Christian Hommel shot 4 times onto Berlin´s goal – he converted two. At 05:43 he found the net shooting through the traffic in front of goalie Rob Zepp.

3 minutes later the goalie left the ice. In the neutral zone Eisbär Frank Hördler tried to get control of the puck. Unfortunately Robert Hock was the fastest to react and put Dave Spina into action on the side of the zone. Instead of passing back to him in front of the goal, Spina aimed well and hit the net. Wide open and from a long distance he successfully aimed at the goalie’s five hole. It was a very unlucky goal for Rob Zepp – consequently he left the ice and backup goalie Kevin Nastiuk was given a chance. Later on Iserlohn beat him as well. At 11:54 of the second period Iserlohn finalized the scoring at 4 goals to 0. Tobias Wörle´s shot bounced off the board so that York Mike could lift it over Berlin´s new goalie. For both goalies, Rob Zepp and Kevin Nastiuk, as well as for the whole team this 4 to nothing loss was a night to forget. “The fans pushed and yelled us forward” Iserlohn´s coach Doug Manson stated after Iserlohn´s win. “Berlin tried and tried – but we could resist. Tonight luck was on our side”.

Ken Frege

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