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21.01.2013 14 penalty shots needed to decide the game

The Eisbären Berlin won against the EHC Red Bull München by 3-2 after the shootout. It was an intense game with many chances for both sides. “We had a few problems at the beginning of the game” Berlin´s captain André Rankel resumed. “München began to play very well. They scored on a 5 on 3 powerplay situation – unfortunately for us. They pressured hard. We had a few difficulties to build-up our play. I saw that goalie Lukas Steinhauer stood a little bit too much on the right side and waited for him to make a move. I decided to shoot the puck and won the game for us”.

The home team was prepared to play as soon as the puck dropped. The guest team began the game by decimating themselves. Berlin´s Frank Hördler visited the penalty box for holding after 103 seconds of the first period. Mads Christensen sat right next to him only 20 seconds later. München used their two men advantage situation. Ryan Kavanagh received the puck at the blue line and shot the puck towards goalie Rob Zepp. One of Berlin´s defensemen hold his stick into the attempt and deflected the puck into his own goal at 02:44. The home team celebrated their lead – maybe a little bit too long. The referees called a kneecheck on Felix Petermann (02:57). Berlin´s strikers found an answer to the scoring only 7 seconds later. Barry Tallackson onetimed Mark Katic´s cross pass standing right in front of goalie Lukas Steinhauer at 03:04 of the first period. The first few minutes promised an intense and high scoring game. But both goalies started to concentrate themselves and saved every shot from now on.

München´s Klaus Kathan renewed the one goal lead at 04:02 of the third period. Lubor Dibelka skated through the offensive zone in search for a teammate. He found Kathan with a quick pass at the low slot area. Berlin tried everything to equalize the game again. Later on Barry Tallackson scored his second goal of the night with a low and hidden shot from the blue line at 12:11. The rest of the game remained goalless. Neither team scored during the overtime so the shootout had to bring the decision. Seven attempts were needed to finalize the scoring. Berlin´s captain André Rankel won the extra point for his team by smashing the puck at the left side into the net.

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